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Use Cases
InfinyOn accelerates the adoption of real-time services that drive business value by increasing revenue, decreasing costs or mitigating risk with the following use-cases.
Data Cleansing
Transform, filter, and clean data records in real-time.
ETL to STL pipelines
Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) software enables data migration between different systems.
Event Stream Processing
Continuous processing of real-time data with single digit millisecond latency.
Log Analytics
Use Log Analytics to improve application and infrastructure performance.
Predictive Maintenance
The use of real-time data for predictive maintenance and a proactive strategy to monitor the performance and condition of equipment.
Real-time Inventory Management
Control Inventory and fulfillment with a real-time inventory management system powered by real-time data.
Real-time Logistics Management
Deliver end-to-end supply chain visibility with real-time logistics management.
Supply Chain Automation
Manage, track, and optimize your supply chain with end-to-end orchestration of real-time data for supply chain automation.