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InfinyOn - Intelligent Data Streaming Platform
Fastest way to actionable data.
InfinyOn Cloud is a platform for building programmable data pipelines that stream, transform, and load events in real-time.
Rapidly Build Real-time Data Pipelines
Real-time event streaming infrastructure can be difficult to build, costly to scale, and hard to operate. InfinyOn Cloud simplifies these challenges by providing a unified platform for real-time event streaming and data transformation, reducing costs and complexity. With InfinyOn Cloud, users can stream, transform and load events into any data store or application, resulting in improved operations, enhanced customer experiences and a competitive advantage.
Aggregate millions of events and logs from the core or edge in real time.
Format and structure your data with WASM-based SmartModules.
Use Smart Connectors to load structured data into a database or data lake.
InfinyOn Cloud a Real-time Data Platform
Source Connectors for Data Collection Pipelines
Create real-time and ongoing stream processing applications by moving your data with InfinyOn Cloud or the open-source option Fluvio. Connect siloed data and establish real-time data flow through collection pipelines.
Data Transformation with SmartModules
SmartModules are an innovative feature that enables the creation of programmable data pipelines. They allow for precise shaping and transforming of data using WebAssembly (WASM) and can be deployed on source or sink connectors, producers or consumers, and within the Stream Processing Unit (SPU).
Stream Processing Units Designed for Horizontal Scale
High performance Stream Processing Units (SPUs) work in unison with other SPUs to manage replicas, manage local storage, receive data from producers, and send data to consumers.
Sink Connectors for Data Distribution Pipelines
Easily construct data distribution pipelines to drive your applications, microservices, and business intelligence tools.
Data in Motion | Smart Data Pipelines | Smart Connectors
Key concepts
Data in Motion
Using data in motion is more effective than using data at rest. Business-critical events are often stored in a database and must be analyzed later through batch processing for analytics and insights. InfinyOn Cloud, a fully-managed Fluvio service, allows companies to move their data in real-time. By doing so, developers and data engineers can rapidly create real-time services that improve customer experiences and operations.
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Smart Data Pipelines
With smart data pipelines that integrate stream processing, data transformation, and analytics, InfinyOn Cloud allows you to move compute to data, instead of data to compute. This gives users direct control over their data streams and the ability to easily extract, shape, and enhance data to meet business requirements. Streamline your data streaming architecture and eliminate the need for complex ETL tools.
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Smart Connectors
InfinyOn Cloud’s smart connectors are tools that can be used to import or export streaming data from or to various applications, databases, or data lakes. These connectors are packaged and distributed as Docker images, providing consistency in deployment and flexibility in development. Leveraging WebAssembly (Wasm), the smart connectors improve data quality through filtering, mapping, and aggregation capabilities, reducing costs and complexity.
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