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Photo of San Francisco skyline
We make real-time data easy.
InfinyOn, a technology company located in Silicon Valley, is on a mission to accelerate the world's transition to the real-time economy. We have built a modern real-time data platform with a powerful event stream processing engine that gives architects, data engineers, and developers the ability to build the next generation of real-time services.
InfinyOn Inc. was founded in 2019 in San Francisco Bay Area by industry veterans in the high-tech sector.
Photo of A.J. Hunyady
A.J. Hunyady
Founder and CEO
Photo of Sehyo Chang
Sehyo Chang
Founder and CTO
Photo of Greg Orr
Greg Orr
Vice President of Sales
Photo of Grant Swanson
Grant Swanson
Vice President of Marketing
Photo of Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas
Photo of Jeroen van Rotterdam
Jeroen van Rotterdam
Photo of Dio Rettori
Dio Rettori