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InfinyOn joins the Bytecode Alliance to bring WebAssembly to data streaming

Sehyo Chang

Sehyo Chang

Co-founder & CTO, InfinyOn

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We’re thrilled to announce that InfinyOn is now a member of the Bytecode Alliance (BA). An organization committed to establishing a capable, secure platform that allows application developers and service providers to confidently run untrusted code on any infrastructure, operating system, or device.

The BA is a vendor-neutral organization for building reusable WebAssembly engines and toolings. With industry-leading members such as Fastly, Intel, Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft, the BA fosters standards such as WebAssembly System Interface (WASI) to make it easier to embed WebAssembly in platforms such as Fluvio. Fluvio is an Open Source programmable data platform spearheaded by the InfinyOn team. The platform leverages the power of WebAssembly to build safe and composable data streaming processing.

“As organizations look to gain value out of their data, traditional monolithic one-size-fits data infrastructures are no longer sufficient,” said Sehyo Chang, CTO and Co-founder of InfinyOn. “WebAssembly is an ideal mechanism for in-line data processing without compromising performance and security.”

By joining BA, InfinyOn will participate in events and collaborate with other members of the organization to extend WebAssembly to the data streaming space.

“We are thrilled to welcome InfinyOn to the Bytecode Alliance, said Till Schneidereit, Chairperson of the Bytecode Alliance Board of Directors. The BA was founded to create new, secure software foundations based on WebAssembly and WASI. We are excited to see InfinyOn using WebAssembly, and we look forward to working with the team and extend the technology to the data streaming space.”

We believe WebAssembly is the crucial technology to democratize real-time data processing and accelerate digital transformation, and we are excited to be part of it.