Stateful Data Flow Beta Build composable event-driven data pipelines in minutes.

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Fleet of IoT devices

Build clickstream data pipelines with in-line tranformations.

Used by developers to implement real-time services, and
analysts to gain time sensitive insights.

Simplify event processing

  • process real time events

    real-time events

    Build simple yet powerful data flows combining collection, transformation, and aggregation on events in one platform

  • remove memory errors

    Memory Errors

    Leverage the performance benefits of Rust extended by WASM to break-up with 'out of memory errors'

  • improve efficiency and economics

    Efficiency & Economics

    Minimize data pipeline resource consumption, improve latency and throughput and returns on data pipeline investments.

Benefits you get

Smooth Operations

Deliver value to the organization without worrying about data ops overheads. With our outstanding CLI and control plane you wont spend endless engineering hours babysitting your operational data stack.

Astronomical Efficiency

Delivery guarantees, zero data loss, no out of memory errors. Leverage the power of Rust in your data stack with orders of mangitude better throughput while consuming a fraction of compute resources.

Faster Iterations

Build your data products and flows faster with rare combination of low code domain specific language coupled with flexible development kits to compose compose bespoke data pipelines in record time.

Intelligent Processing

Process clickstream data with wasm based in-flight transformations, filters, and enrichments. Build always on analytics to power your business on a single platform.

See our platform in action

Discover how we can empower your clickstream analytics solutions while saving you time, money, and data-related challenges.