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Infinyon Cloud Platform
InfinyOn Cloud
G2 has listed InfinyOn Cloud as a top-performing Event Stream Processing product for Winter 2022. Take the next step in your data journey by signing up for InfinyOn Cloud now.
InfinyOn Cloud is a fully-managed Fluvio service that offers a cutting-edge solution that simplifies the cost and complexity of operating and managing real-time data pipelines. Unlike other event streaming platforms built on Java, InfinyOn Cloud is constructed with Rust, providing unparalleled speed, scale and security for real-time applications.
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InfinyOn Cloud now offers automatic upgrades, a robust command-line interface, self-service cluster provisioning, and the ability to scale-up on demand. Upgrade your data pipelines today.
self sign-up
Self Sign-Up
Your cluster is provisioned and ready to use.
automatic upgrades
Automatic Upgrades
Innovate at a faster pace with the latest features.
powerful cli
Powerful CLI
Use the same powerful CLI, just switch profile to use the cloud.
scale-up on demand
Scale-Up On Demand
Start small and scale-up, never pay more than you need.
Powering real-time applications
Continuous Intelligence
  • Collect and centralize.
  • Alert and notify.
  • Predict and optimize.
Customer Experience
  • Contextual customer engagements.
  • Improve customer loyalty and retention.
  • Scale real-time analytics.
Operational Improvement
  • Detect and fix operational issues.
  • Maximize productivity.
  • Optimize with agility.
How InfinyOn Cloud Works
Reference Architecture
Programmable Analytics Pipelines
Data in Motion
Eliminate data silos and provide real-time services by leveraging data in motion.
Smart Data Pipelines
Create smart data pipelines that extract, shape, and enrich real-time streaming data.
Smart Connectors
InfinyOn Cloud offers smart connectors that can be used to transform data events.
See InfinyOn Cloud in action
Open Source
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