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Request access

Webhook config File


Webhook config template

# example-webhook-template.yaml
  name: my-webhook
  topic: my-topic 
# optional
 - uses: smartmodule_name
     param_name: param_value
# optional
  outputParts: [body | full (default)]
  outputType: [text | json (default)]

Config options



  • name - The name of your webhook
  • topic - The name of the topic you want events to be stored. It will be automatically created if it doesn’t exist.


Webhook connectors support transforms. Records can be modified before they are sent to the topic. The transforms section is a list of transform objects. Each transform object has an uses and a with section.

  • uses is the reference to the SmartModule used in the transform.
    • with is the configuration for the transform
      • The section is different for each transform
      • See the connectors reference documentation for available configuration options


The output record from the webhook request is configurable

outputParts options:

  • full - Return the headers and body of the request (Default)
  • body - Only return the body of the request

outputType options:

  • json- Output is parsed into json (Default)
  • text - Output is plaintext