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InfinyOn Hub Features

The Hub service, is a where users can download SmartModules and Connectors and integrate them into their data pipelines. To use this service you need an InfinyOn Cloud account.

SmartModule Hub

Each SmartModule and Connector in the Hub are uniquely identified by a group, name, and version.

For example, the following SmartModules is published by InfinyOn:


Private/Public SmartModules and Connectors

SmartModules published to the Hub can be public or private. Public SmartModules are visible and downloadable by anyone, whereas private SmartModules are only visible to the owner.


Certified SmartModules and Connectors

Certified SmartModules are publicly available to anyone with an Infinyon Cloud account.

Currently only InfinyOn SmartModules are certified. Please reach out on Discord if you are interested in the SmartModule Certification program.