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Use InfinyOn Cloud Cluster

InfinyOn Cloud is managed through the Fluvio CLI via the fluvio-cloud plugin distributed by default by the installation script.

Let’s create an InfinyOn Cloud account and login using the Fluvio CLI:


1. Create an InfinyOn Cloud account

SignUp for a free account here: InfinyOn Cloud - Signup

You need an InfinyOn Cloud account to:

  • start a managed Fluvio cluster
  • download SmartModules and Connectors from InfinyOn Hub

2. Install Fluvio CLI

Use the following curl commad to download fluvio CLI:

$ curl -fsS | bash

The CLI and related tools and config files and placed in the $HOME/.fluvio, with the executables in $HOME/.fluvio/bin. To complete the installation, you will need to add the executables to your shell $PATH.


3. Provision a Cluster

Pick a region to create a cluster from the InfinyOn Cloud UI.

You can also use fluvio cli:

$ fluvio cloud cluster create

4. Login to InfinyOn Cloud

Run this command to log into InfinyOn Cloud.

You log in with Oauth2 or email/password:

$ fluvio cloud login --use-oauth2
A web browser has been opened at https://<OAUTH2_SERVER_DOMAIN>/activate?user_code=<CODE>.
Please proceed with authentication.
Email and password
$ fluvio cloud login
InfinyOn Cloud email: [email protected]
Password: <hidden>

🎉 Congratulations! You are now connected to InfinyOn Cloud.