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InfinyOn and MotherDuck Announce Strategic Partnership to Drive End-to-End Data Streaming and Analytics Pipelines

InfinyOn Cloud and MotherDuck integration brings analytics to real-time event streaming.

JUNE 30, 2023
9:00 AM GMT

SANTA CLARA, CA – Today, InfinyOn, a leading provider of real-time event stream processing, and MotherDuck, an industry pioneer in serverless data analytics, are excited to announce a strategic partnership designed to drive end-to-end streaming and analytics for real-time data.

The partnership underscores the commitment of both InfinyOn and MotherDuck to provide users with enhanced data flow capabilities and seamless integrations, enabling them to optimize their analytics workflows, reduce data friction, and unlock new levels of performance and scalability.

Using a combination of InfinyOn and MotherDuck, users can build complete real-time data analytics solutions for a wide variety of use cases including fraud detection, real-time inventory management, and real-time recommendation engines.

“We’re thrilled to partner with MotherDuck, a company that shares our vision for democratizing data by giving users a seamless, end-to-end solution for collecting, streaming, transforming, and analyzing real-time data.” said A.J. Hunyady, CEO of InfinyOn. “With the introduction of our MotherDuck sink connector, we’re making it easier than ever for our customers to harness the power of their data.”

Jordan, CEO and Co-Founder of MotherDuck, said “We are excited that InfinyOn’s integration provides a streaming data sink for MotherDuck users. Our users’ requirements are diverse, but we see an increasing desire in organizations to have very recent data accessible to analysts and applications.”

The strategic partnership between InfinyOn and MotherDuck sets a precedent for future collaborations, promising to inspire innovation and progress in the data streaming and analytics world. For more information on this exciting new partnership please visit or

About InfinyOn

InfinyOn, a real-time event streaming company, has architected a programmable platform for data in motion built on Rust and enables continuous intelligence for connected apps. Founded in 2019, InfinyOn aims to accelerate organizations’ journey to the real-time economy. Its Cloud product lets enterprises quickly correlate events, apply business intelligence, and derive value from their data.

About MotherDuck

MotherDuck makes analytics fun, frictionless, and ducking awesome. In partnership with the team building open source database DuckDB, MotherDuck was founded by former leaders at some of the most innovative companies in data. It is on a mission to combine the elegance and speed of DuckDB with the collaboration and scalability of the cloud to provide a serverless, easy to use analytics platform for data small and large.

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