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Klarian and InfinyOn Agree to Jointly Deliver Real-time Pipeline Monitoring

Driving innovation into the energy sector with real-time data.

OCTOBER 26, 2022
9:00 AM GMT

SANTA CLARA, CA – Klarian, an intelligent pipeline monitoring company, announces a strategic technology agreement with InfinyOn. The agreement with InfinyOn, a real-time event streaming company, will drive innovation into the energy sector with real-time data and actionable insights. Klarian has developed Digipipe, an end-to-end pipeline monitoring solution with a performance dashboard that integrates with InfinyOn, to stream, transform and load events in real-time.

Pipelines transport some of our most valuable natural resources. Pipeline failures can have devastating environmental, social, and financial consequences. Operators need real-time insights into operational data to reduce risk, optimise production, and comply with regulation and environmental goals. Data is collected from Klarian sensors and events are continuously streaming to the Digipipe Cloud Platform with single digit millisecond latency. Operations teams no longer have to rely on old data generated through traditional batch processing.

Empowering users, developers, and data analysts with the ability to collect their own supplementary data alongside the primary Klarian sensor data using Digipipe is a key objective. The Klarian team evaluated several potential solutions to enable Digipipe to operate in real-time with services such as System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), IoT platforms, and serverless functions. The same problems occurred. Proprietary protocols, vendor platform lock-in, and complicated tooling that is expensive and difficult to manage.

Traditional tooling for event streaming such as Kafka, AirFlow, and Broadway was considered by Klarian to quickly develop its platform with real-time data. Building an event streaming architecture that ingests, transforms and distributes data results in a complicated mesh of data acquisition, data transformation, and data storage services.

Klarian selected InfinyOn Cloud, a unified platform for real-time event streaming and data transformation, to power Digipipe. “We started working with more traditional systems and services but quickly identified that they were not a viable option. By deploying InfinyOn Cloud we were able to improve our engineering velocity. The days of blocking deployment or teams waiting for services to be deployed are gone for us.” said Ben Cleary, Head of Technology at Klarian.

“Working with InfinyOn has enabled Klarian to realize substantial performance improvements compared to Kafka. During the initial proof of concept, InfinyOn was able to deliver a 3x reduction in latency, 5x improvement in throughput, 7x better CPU utilization and 50x better memory utilization” said Seyho Chang, CTO of InfinyOn.

InfinyOn Cloud will be the backbone of the Klarian data analytics platform. Klarian plans to continue developing its Digipipe product with upcoming features such as the InfinyOn Smart Module Hub, an industry first data transformation App Store. Together, Klarian and InfinyOn will collect pipeline data from upstream to midstream and transform it into performance clarity for operators in real-time.

About Klarian

The Klarian mission is to optimise pipeline infrastructure for a more sustainable planet. Our intelligent pipeline monitoring solution, Digipipe, captures operations data to mitigate risks, optimise production, improve efficiencies, and comply with regulation and environmental goals. Proprietary algorithms reveal meaningful data, hidden insights, and actionable intelligence to give operations the information needed to manage assets safely, efficiently, and profitably. From upstream to downstream, Klarian transforms pipeline efficiency.

About InfinyOn

InfinyOn, a real-time event streaming company, has architected a programmable platform for data in motion built on Rust and enables continuous intelligence for connected apps. Founded in 2019 by A.J. Hunyady and Sehyo Chang, InfinyOn aims to accelerate organizations’ journey to the real-time economy. SmartModules enable enterprises to program their data pipelines as they flow between producers and consumers for real-time services. Its Cloud product lets enterprises quickly correlate events, apply business intelligence, and derive value from their data. To learn more, please visit

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