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InfinyOn Launches SmartModules for Real-time Streaming

New capabilities help enterprises to reduce streaming costs and ensure data integrity.

DECEMBER 3, 2021
9:00 AM GMT

SANTA CLARA, CA – InfinyOn, a real-time data streaming company, announced the launch of SmartModules™ on it’s open source Fluvio and InfinyOn Cloud platform. SmartModules give architects, developers and data engineers the ability to perform inline computations on the data passing through the platform. Smart Connectors are a new feature released with SmartModules that enable customers to write custom logic to filter out irrelevant data before it gets sent over the network and persisted in a topic, saving on bandwidth and storage.

“Smart Connectors give enterprises the ability to filter and shape their data which can lead to significant cost reduction for real-time applications,” said Sehyo Chang, CTO of Infinyon. “When using a Smart Connector for data import and export, oftentimes operators are only interested in receiving a subset of the available data from a third-party application. This will be beneficial to enterprises because they can help save streaming costs and ensure data integrity is achieved.”

A common use-case for filtering data with stream processing is when applications are streaming transactions that contain personal data such as credit card or bank account information. “Financial Services companies who are building event based architectures have the need to scale out and make it very easy for their employees to produce and consume data. A fully robust event based architecture with thousands of business events flowing through the system at any one time is the goal for many of our customers. With InfinyOn Cloud, companies can dive deeper into customer data, regardless of its format or type, while still protecting consumers’ privacy,” said A.J. Hunyady, CEO of InfinyOn.

The data shaping feature in our SmartModule also allows users to take the extracted data structures and transform them into an application-specific format.

About InfinyOn

InfinyOn, a real-time data streaming company, has architected a programmable platform for data in motion built on Rust and enables continuous intelligence for connected apps. SmartModules enable enterprises to intelligently program their data pipelines as they flow between producers and consumers for real-time services. With InfinyOn Cloud, enterprises can quickly correlate events, apply business intelligence, and derive value from their data. To learn more, please visit

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