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MQTT to Postgres Use Case from Klarian

Klarian Selects InfinyOn Cloud for MQTT to Postgres Use-Case for Real-time Pipeline Monitoring.

Ben Cleary, the Head of Technology for Klarian explains the problems he was trying to solve when building out their Digipipe Platform that allows users to monitor their oil and gas pipelines in real time.

Klarian captures data from multiple sources (sensors or systems), then processes and analyzes it to find meaningful insights, generating actions to give users the information needed to make better decisions.

InfinyOn Cloud, a fully managed Fluvio service, was selected by Klarian for event stream processing and real-time data transformation. Data ingestion, real-time data visualization, and streaming AI are a few of the ways Klarian uses InfinyOn Cloud to power its DigiPipe platform.

Moving away from the traditional ETL workflows, Klarian has transitioned to Stream, Transform, and Load (STL) workflows to simplify its middle-tier data architecture.

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