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Data Protection

Data Protection is the process of safeguarding information from compromise, corruption or loss. Sharing data in real-time between users and services while ensuring authorization and privacy is a complex undertaking for many companies. Common challenges with data protection include the ability to:

  • Classify sensitive data for authorized access
  • Protect sensitive data from unauthorized access
  • Prevent data from leaking externally
  • Apply consistent policy across data sources
  • Isolate data based on Geo-location

How do we solve this?

InfinyOn Cloud has built-in primitives such as encryption and role-based authorization to ensure data protection and security. Built on Rust, a programming language with no runtime or garbage collector, InfinyOn Cloud is completely memory safe which separates it from Java-based event streaming solutions.

Developers can use Fluvio open-source software that offers built-in packaging for multiple operating systems, from Raspberry PI to various Linux distributions. Future versions of Fluvio will provide additional customizations such as domain boundaries and data leaking prevention modules.