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Supply Chain Automation

Supply chain automation is the use of technology to automate and optimize various processes within a supply chain. It can involve the use of software, hardware, and other technologies to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of tasks such as planning, forecasting, sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, and distribution.

Organizations need to identify various weaknesses in their supply chains. Supply chain networks are rife with repeatable, process-oriented, and error-prone tasks, ranging from manual documentation errors to picking and stocking errors, shipping and receiving errors, and much more.

Automation is an effective way of enhancing existing supply chain processes and introducing new ones. Supply chain leaders are realizing the benefits of automation; therefore, from 2015 to 2019, the supply chain automation market grew 10.3% each year, and this growth is projected to double by 2026. Gartner expects supply chain autonomy in 10+ years with hyper automation initiatives in the supply chain. Supply Chain Automation is a promising solution for companies to save time, money and resources.



What are the problems with Supply Chain Automation?

The challenges of Supply Chain Automation are mainly related to the cost and complexity of implementing it. The cost includes hardware and software, plus integration costs which can be high for large companies with many different systems. The complexity is related to the need to change existing processes, procedures, and business models.

Infinyon has a set of capabilities to help support Supply Chain Automation via Infinyon Cloud - a unified platform for real-time event streaming and data transformation, which allows companies to stream and process data from different sources in real-time. Moving, transforming and cleaning the data during the streaming process is easily done using SmartModules. We help to minimize and simplify software and infrastructure costs associated with supply chain automation.


How do we solve the Supply Chain Automation problem?

Infinyon provides a set of tools to enable building data streaming pipelines for predictive Supply Chain Automation and analytics in general:

  • Infinyon cloud real-time data platform
  • MQTT connector to collect data from various sensors
  • HTTP, Kafka and Postgres connectors to stream data from different sources
  • SQL connector to load transformed data into SQL-compatible server
  • Smartmodules to clean, transform, filter and aggregate data on Fluvio stream without the need to move data in and out of the streaming platform.
  • Smart module Hub to be able to reuse smartmodules with data transformations throughout the whole organization in a controlled and governed way.

Reference Architecture Diagram

MQTT to Postgres Reference Architecture Diagram

Learn how to build MQTT to SQL Data Pipelines and HTPP to SQL Data Pipelines by following our step-by-step tutorial. Supply chain automation is crucial for the success and competitiveness of any business. InfinyOn Cloud offers a powerful platform for automating and optimizing your supply chain operations. By registering for a demo, you’ll get a firsthand look at how our platform can help you increase visibility, efficiency, and agility throughout your supply chain. You’ll also see how you can use real-time data to make better-informed decisions, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how InfinyOn Cloud can revolutionize the way you manage your supply chain. Schedule a demo today.